How Art Impacts Our Brain

Arts Makes You Smarter

When you explore art, your brain focuses on a creative process. Your brain directs all your mental resources toward creating an artwork. If you do this regularly, your brain acquires advanced cognitive capabilities. These capabilities and creativity are the main components of problem-solving skills. It’s not a coincidence that people with art training excel at math, science, and similar disciplines.

Take Up Art and Be Happier

With so many benefits for your brain, you should take up art. It would be more convenient to start with some form of visual art. Painting, drawing, or ceramics, for example. This is the type of art most commonly used in art therapy (we’ll discuss this topic later). If you need art inspiration for your artworks, you can visit Wikiart. This is an online encyclopedia in which you will find everything about the visual arts.

Know Yourself Better through Art Therapy

We’ve mentioned this concept above. What is it? Well, this is a psychotherapeutic method that uses art as a way of inner expression. It is somehow analogous to talk therapy. However, some people have problems expressing their inner emotions through words. Art can be a simpler way to depict thoughts and feelings.

Some of the Famous Artists that Used At to Cope

Throughout art history, we find artists that suffered from mental illnesses. They used art to cope. Art has healing properties. These famous artists benefited from their art to obtain a sense of well-being they needed so much.

Edvard Munch

The story of The Scream painting by Edvard Munch

Louis Wain

Illustration painted by Louis Wain
Untitled illustration by Louis Wain

Francisco de Goya

This famous Spanish painter lost hearing in adulthood. Moreover, he suffered from some mental disorders. These affected his artworks, which depicted melancholy and human suffering.

The Madhouse painting by Francisco Goya
The Madhouse by Francisco Goya

Final Thoughts

Art has many positive effects on our brains. It fosters creativity and problem-solving skills. Moreover, it creates a sense of well-being during the process of creating an artwork. After the completion of the artwork, one can experience a feeling of accomplishment. In light of these facts, taking up art as a hobby can significantly enhance the mental balance of many people.



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