5 Of The Most Underrated Van Gogh Paintings

5 min readApr 21, 2020

The dutch-born artist Vincent Van Gogh was never an artist, to begin with. After years of being adrift in a land full of unknown jobs, he finally anchored himself to the work he loved — painting! Once he found his life purpose, he went on to become the only artist whose art was sold at an unbreakable record deal in the history of art.

This self-made artist has created many masterpieces that we, art lovers, simply cannot stop admiring even to these days. Those delicate paintbrush strokes that he chose to put life into a still object are absolutely laudable!

Although there are hundreds of Vincent Van Gogh artworks that have aced in every century, we are shedding some light on the underrated masterpieces by the great artist.

1. Woman Walking In a Garden, 1887

Woman Walking In A Garden A by Vincent Van Gogh
Reproduction of Woman Walking In A Garden A by Vincent Van Gogh

Van Gogh art, generally, brings out the sad and dark side of life because through his art, he wants to show the world the harsh truth. However, with this painting, Van Gogh decided to sidetrack for once. Instead of filling us with an air of melancholy this particular artwork brings a smile on our face.

If you closely observe the painting, you will be reminded of one sunny day when everything around you was merry. In this infamous drawing, you can see that the artist has decided to picture a woman in colorful meadows that is only accentuated by the sunny impressions.

2. Crab on Its Back, 1888

Crab On Its Back by Vincent Van Gogh
Reproduction of Crab On Its Back by Vincent Van Gogh

Another classic Van Gogh art that doesn’t receive the kind of attention it deserves! Most of us would simply ignore the crab that is overturned or some of us may feel sorry for it. But only a versatile artist like Van Gogh can successfully lay the struggling crab on plain canvas. When you actually look at this particular painting, you will understand how sympathetic Vincent Van Gogh was with this tiny creature on its back.

In the painting, the crab is lying flat on its back showing us the, often concealed, underparts of the arthropod. This particular crab is shown lying on the green grass indicating that the artist was outside searching for a beautiful spot to settle down and work on a masterpiece when he came across this helpless crustacean.

3. La Berceuse Lullaby: Madame Augustine Roulin Rocking a Cradle, 1889

La Berceuse, Portrait of Madame Roulin by Vincent Van Gogh
Reproduction of La Berceuse, Portrait of Madame Roulin by Vincent Van Gogh

If you go through the Vincent Van Gogh artworks that are available today, you will seldom come across portraits. Even if you do, they are more or less of him as he wasn’t in a condition to afford to hire models for his paintings. For this reason, even if you do come across a portrait painting of someone other than him, it will be of a close acquaintance.

In this painting, Van Gogh has tried to capture Madame Roulin beautifully and he did do a pretty good artwork there. Madame Roulin has just given birth to her third baby and the artist has perfectly captured the motherly aura in the painting.

4. Sorrow, 1882

Sorrow by Vincent Van Gogh
Reproduction of Sorrow by Vincent Van Gogh

This art of a destitute pregnant woman is definitely heart wrenching. Van Gogh met this lady in this miserable condition, on the streets of The Hague. Due to the adverse conditions, she had resolved herself to prostitution. Later on, Van Gogh went on to help her and even moved in with her to care for her and her children. However, this relationship did not last for more than a year.

This painting is the testament of his love for the destitute and shows how his heart moves for them. In this painting, he has shown the raw and crude side of how poverty and alcoholism can leave a person in a state of despair.

5. Vase with Red Gladioli, 1886

Vase With Red Gladioli by Vincent Van Gogh
Reproduction of Vase With Red Gladioli by Vincent Van Gogh

Unfortunately, to our dismay, this vibrant painting has gone down in the list of infamous drawings of Van Gogh too! This wonderful artist was known for his awe-inspiring portraits of still objects and flowers were easily his favorite. With delicate and magical strokes, he was an expert at filling life into these lifeless objects.

Moreover, he has chosen a bright and vibrant red shade to bring these amazing flowers to life. With a dark green background and a vibrant vase, this picture just compliments itself.

Just for you, we made a video of all the complete works of Vincent Van Gogh. Explore the art and mind of the greatest painter.

The video with all the complete works by Vincent Van Gogh

Last Thoughts!

This post-impressionism hero has won hearts again and again with his understanding and empathic nature that we can deduce from his many paintings. Unfortunately, his sickness took him away from the world, however, not before he made the best-selling Portrait of Dr. Gachet that went on to win a whopping US$82.5 million in the auction.

Unfortunately, Van Gogh was not with us to witness his triumph in the art world. If you are a fan of the Van Gogh artwork, then you can buy Van Gogh painting them from reputable artists available in the market today.




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