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6 min readSep 30, 2019
1st-art-gallery.com Introduction Video

Beautiful, high-quality art is something both us and our readers are interested in. The work of classical artists as well as modern ones have pleased our eyes and warmed our souls many of a time. Unfortunately, we can’t always afford to buy original paintings and some of them seem to be meant only for museum walls. As fine work should be available for anyone to see, we accept this arrangement in contemporary society.

Vincent Van Gogh “Starry Night” (1889)

On the other hand, what if we have a burning desire to own at least one qualitative art piece? In our search for artists, we came across a website belonging to a company called 1st-art-gallery. As we learned, for the past fifteen years they have been doing oil reproductions of more or less known painters’ work. Here is our summary of their activities:

1st-art-gallery Products — What Can You Purchase?

The main line of work at 1st-art-gallery is reproducing works of art which have been done before by famous painters of all times. Their website is divided into categories, by various criteria: art movement, painting subject, collections, but also museums and the artists themselves. Furthermore, in case you don’t find what you’re looking for in their list of offers, you can make a special request for a painting you found somewhere else.

Gustav Klimt “The Kiss” (1908)

Speaking of requests, custom work can be done as well. That means you could send a picture or portrait of yourself or a loved one and ask 1st-art-gallery to get it done in oil painting form. Imagine this: having your wedding picture done in renaissance style or the picture of your baby in pointillism, to give to them as they grow old. The only thing you need to make sure of is sending a higher-quality photograph, in which all details you want beautifully caught in the painting can be noticed clearly.

Photo to painting wedding portrait
1st-art-gallery photo to painting service sample

A closer analysis of 1st-art-gallery’s website will let you see that they accept combining more than one photograph in their painting. This way, it’s easy to fit that brother who couldn’t attend your parents’ anniversary into the family portrait. Or change the background on your vacation photos that went terribly wrong thanks to a group of teenagers who were messing around behind the monuments.

Classical paintings can be modified to fit your tastes as well. You could change the faces in a DaVinci painting with those of your best friends. If you want to feel fancy and brag about the value of your new acquisition, it’s possible to give the oil reproduction an aged, cracked aspect, by requesting a certain type of vintage cloth. In this manner, the art might appear like it’s even closer to the original.

1st-art-gallery does not exclude any type of customers. They work both with individuals and professionals. The company delivers paintings in over 120 countries, collaborating with art lovers of all sorts, royals and high-class businessmen included. That doesn’t need to scare anyone off, as the paintings are more than affordable.

Sunday Afternoon Painting
A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte (1886) — Georges Seurat

Alongside those who want to make their homes more pleasant and warm, decorating company offices might be a nice idea as well. 1st-art-gallery has appealing discounts for corporate clients, as well as those doing retail. In case your part of the world of interior designers, they could help you create a beautiful catalogue to show to your own collaborators. Passionate photographers are sometimes tempted to turn their most praised work into oil paintings as well.

Сomparision between 1st-art-gallery.com reproductions and original artworks

Mona Lisa Reproduction
A sample reproduction of Mona Lisa (La Gioconda) by Leonardo Da Vinci
Savonnerie De Bagnolet
A sample reproduction of Savonnerie De Bagnolet
by Alphonse Maria Mucha
pet portrait
A sample of pet portrait

How Work Gets Done at 1st-art-gallery

Claude Oscar Monet Boulevard Des Capucines

If anything in our write-up so far has made you curious about this company’s services, we’d like to also describe how the process of making one of these paintings actually unfolds. Starting with the moment you order it and until it shows up on your doorstep.

When making an oil reproduction request, you’ll also choose a size you wish for the canvas and a frame. After all the materials are taken into consideration, as well as project complexity and number of custom-added elements, you’ll be given a price and the rest of the process can go on from there.

Normally, 1st-art-gallery estimates getting a painting done in four to six weeks, as an artist will spend about 20 days working on it. Depending on project difficulty, it might take a bit more. The oil needs to dry between sessions as well. It all starts with a charcoal sketch, continues with the first layer of background paint and ends gloriously with an intricate combination of colors and techniques.

All materials the company claims to use are qualitative, including timely developed oil colors and fine cotton canvases. Brushes are important too; synthetic ones could leave uneven layers of paint of even shred hair, which is a risk the artists are unwilling to take. Thus, they prefer purchasing those which are made out of stronger material, such as animal hair.

Artists working for 1st-art-gallery have loads of experiences and have been properly trained in the specific techniques of well-known painters and art movements. In order to accomplish desired outcomes, they make sure to add the right textures and do precise brush movements, bringing paintings to life. Obviously, before even thinking about shipping it to you, a senior artist does an inspection of the work and, hopefully, gives his approval.

You can tell that they’re doing a good job by the numerous 1st-art-gallery reviews you’re able to find online. Similar to other satisfied customers, you’ll tell almost no difference between the original and the copy. Their website has some samples to show for it.

Testimonial from Walter Baum
Testimonial from Alexandre Tazi
Starry Night Reproduction Testimonial

Naturally, if you find yourself dissatisfied, the company has a 356 days return policy. Although, you must keep in mind there are some exceptions. The frame is non-refundable and you also have to pay for shipping the painting back to them. Artworks themselves can be returned to sender if they fail to suit initial requests, but only if they aren’t custom-made.

To prevent these sorts of situations, you could ask them to submit a picture of your oil painted reproduction by email, for evaluation. If you’re okay with the result, you can accept shipment and receive the painting in less than a week. If not, you could ask them to do modifications. Once you accept custom-made work to be sent out, it can’t be rejected anymore.

Lastly, let’s talk about the delivery itself. Your purchased artwork will be carefully packaged, so you won’t need to worry about scratches. In case anything happens to it on the way, it’ll get repaired free of charge.

Idleness II Reproduction
John William Godward “Idleness II” Reproduction

With any luck, you’re now feeling more optimistic about making a small collection of beautiful paintings in your home. 24/7 customer service provided by 1st-art-gallery is sure to help you if anything is needed. You’ll get authenticity certificates for all oil reproductions you purchase, signed by promising new artists who work hard in this day and time. Check out their website and let us know which paintings you decided to get.




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